Flowclear™ Floating Pool Chemical Dispenser with ChemGuard™ Glove


The Flowclear™ Chemical Floater with a ChemGuard™ Glove lets you easily handle and maintain your pool chemical levels. The lid doubles as a ChemGuard Glove so you can handle the chemical tablets safely. Getting chemicals on your hands could lead to skin irritation and bleach marks, but using the glove lets you avoid all of that! Plus, the lid also has a dual-action child safe lock to keep those chemicals safe and secure. Just load it up, and it will float around while dispensing chlorine for pristine pool water. On top of that, the adjustable dial lets you control the release of the chemicals, so you can set the amount of chlorine that is dispensed. With this 8” (21 cm) dispenser floating around your pool, you won’t have to give those chemical levels a second thought! Size: 8.3” (21 cm) floater * 8.3 in./21 cm WATER SAFETY WARNING!

Children have drowned in portable swimming pools.

Ensure active adult supervision at all times.

Do not leave children unsupervised in or around the pool—keep them within arms’ reach.

Empty and store safely after use.

Pool fencing laws apply to this pool. Consult your local government authority for fencing requirements.

Compliance: This product complies with the following Australian Standards:

Aquatic Toys Safety Standard 2020

Swimming and Flotation Aids Safety Standard 2017

Aquatic toys Mandatory Standards
* Dispenses 3 in./7.6 cm chlorine or bromine tablets
* Lid includes built-in glove for safe handling of chemical tablets
* Dual-action child safe lock secures lid to chemical float
* Adjustable dial to control the release of chemicals
* Tablets not included
* Corrugated Sleeve Box
* 2 assorted colors
* 4 Ea., 6.9 lbs (3.2 kg)
* Contents: One chemical floater
Lid doubles as ChemGuard Glove for safe handling of chemical tablets
Dispenses 3” (7.6 cm) chlorine or bromine tablets, adjustable dial controls release of chemicals
Dual-action child safe lock keeps chemicals safe and secure
Tablets not included


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Through test strips and pool chemical accessories, Bestway® ensures that pool owners have an easy and convenient way to keep the water in their pool healthy, clear and chemically balanced. Every above ground pool needs to be taken care of to ensure lasting longevity year after year, and these items will allow pool owners to maintain water that’s ready for use whenever they need a fun pool day.



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